Beaches of Nicoya

Far From the Maddening Crowd in Costa Rica

When asked what I enjoyed most about Costa Rica, my answer is always the same: the people. They are warm, friendly, generous and most of all, unpretentious. We also like to travel to places where there are no people, especially other visitors.

Nicoya Peninsula

Nicoya Peninsula

With these things in mind, we spent a good part of our vacation on the Nicoya peninsula. For reference, Nicoya is on of five Blue Zones in the world where people live measurably longer lives. Why do they live longer? They work harder, eat better, and spend most of their free time socializing with family and friends.

We rented a home with a great water view in the tiny beach town of Playa Carillo. The beach has stunning views and sunsets, and is considered one of the best in the country. Unlike Costa Rica’s most popular beaches, there’s nothing here but palm trees. Best of all, the only people we routinely saw at the beach were… us!

Jose and Noah-L1020028

Jose and Noah

We bought fish from the local fishermen and prepared it ceviche-style. We ate casado with the locals. We picked up guavas that had just fallen from the trees. Noah and his Uncle Robb cracked open coconuts by tossing them off the second floor balcony.

We paddled local rivers with our guide, Jose, and had lunch with his friends and family. We spent an afternoon eating and swimming in the nearby town of Samara and watched people ride horses on the beach.


Crocodile in Estuary

We watched the locals attract crocodiles with whole chickens tied to a rope. We laughed as the howling monkeys tried to scare us away by flinging poop at us. Obviously, we had a great time.

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Favorite Eats: Casado, ceviche, fresh sea bass

Look For: Off-the-beaten-path restaurants and bars filled with locals.

Watch Out For: Crocodiles

Noah’s Travel Tips for Kids:

  • Wear sunscreen. It’s hot and sunny!
  • Check out the horseback riding on the beaches.
  • You can collect coconuts in many places, and also mangos.
  • They have water rides at some of the hot springs and zip lines, too.

Travel Tips: Let the local tour guides show you around. Driving can be arduous on the rocky dirt roads between major towns.

Banner photo: Playa Carillo (Bob)

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