About Us

Vicarious Travellers™ is the website for families who want to successfully experience the world’s favorite travel destinations. The site looks at beloved travel spots from the perspectives of all family members – adults and children alike. It offers suggestions, tips, and solutions to the age-old problem of keeping everyone entertained, well fed, and eager to explore.

I’m Paige Lilienfeld, and Vicarious Travellers is hosted by my family. I’m an experienced traveler, cook, and self-proclaimed fashionista. My husband, Bob, is an internationally recognized photographer, writer and digital producer. Our 10-year-old son, Noah, is an experienced traveler who loves to help kids and their parents get the most out of family trips. (Check out our bios.)

Friends, family and acquaintances have said that they wished they could travel with us. Thanks to the internet and telecommunications, you can do just that – in real time or whenever else you would like to travel vicariously!  

DSCF4992-Paige and Noah in Sermione

Paige and Noah on Lake Garda


Bob and Noah in Florence









Note: Virtually all of the photos on the site were taken by Bob. You can see and buy his work at RML Imagery. Also, by clicking on many of the smaller photos on this site, you’ll be taken directly to the original high-resolution, full size image.

Masthead photo: That tow headed little boy with all of the schoolchildren in the top photo is Noah. The kids, who are on the steps of the Duomo in Massa Marrittima, thought Noah was from Germany, thanks to his blond hair. They started laughing when we told them he was “Americano”, not “Tedesco”.

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