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By Paige and Bob Lilienfeld

Vicarious Travellers is a family affair. That’s our daughter Olivia on the left, Paige in the middle, and our other daughter Nicole on the right. While Olivia and Nicole are too busy to participate much, the photo above (taken in the departure lounge of the San Jose airport in Costa Rica) shows how much we love to travel together. We do all of the traveling and blogging with our son, Noah. You can read about us below.


Paige Lilienfeld 1R1A0640
I’m Paige, a seasoned traveler, importer, fashion consultant, foodie, and restaurateur. In my previous job as President of Ah! Toscana!, I imported and promoted high quality, artisanal products from Tuscany. These included foods, spices, olive oils, leather goods, fine crystal, personal care products, cookware, cutlery, tableware, linens, and paper goods. I’ve worked as an independent fashion consultant for CAbi and J. Hilburn, managed a chain of coffee & food shops in Ann Arbor, and was the executive manager of a top-rated Italian restaurant in Milford, CT. I live with my husband Bob, and our son Noah, in Boulder, CO.  


Bob Lilienfeld Bob-Headshot-Coffeeshop
Hi, folks! I’m a writer, photographer, and web designer/consultant. I’ve written films for Jim Henson and the Muppets; co-wrote a book on environmental issues entitled Use Less Stuff published by Random House; and wrote a ground breaking, full page New York Times Op-Ed piece entitled 6 Enviro-Myths. My photography credits include the cover and lead story for Parade Magazine. I also do portrait and landscape photography under the name RML Imagery, and served as Chief Creative and Marketing Officer for Fry, Inc., a leading e-commerce web developer.        


DSCF5004-Noah in Sermione CastleNoah Lilienfeld

Hey! I’m Noah. I’m almost 11 years old and in 5th grade. I love traveling and taekwondo. I’m a second degree black belt and the 2017 Arizona state sparring champion. (I was also Colorado state champion for 2014 and 2015.) I have a dog named Daisy and a cat named Harvey.

I’ve been traveling with my Mom and Dad since I was a baby. I’ve been to Italy about 6 times, and love it there. I’ve also been to Costa Rica and Mexico, and recently went to San Diego, Washington DC, Seattle, London, and Paris. Here’s a picture of me from three years ago in Scaliger Castle at Sirmione on Lake Garda, Italy. It was really cool – after climbing up and down the castle steps, we walked around the town and stopped for pizza before the crowds filled up the restaurants. Mom let me have an Orangina, while she and Dad each had a beer. Dad let me taste his beer. I like orange soda better.


Here are 3 pictures my Dad took of Mom and me when I was 18 months old in Tuscany, 7 years in Venice, and 9 years in Seattle: Noah-and-Paige-2008-2016-Web

Masthead Photo: Our daughters, Olivia and Nicole, making fun of Paige at the San Jose airport in Costa Rica (Bob)

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